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Alfred the Horse

Alfred the Horse


Comfortable soft toy for active sitting and also for playing.


  • About Alfred

    When children are developing both playful activity and playful thoughts, it’s happening through investigation and environment stimuli. They are knights and princesses. Galloping in their fantasies on lovely horses or playing with rabitts in meadows full of flowers. Children focus all their energy on maintaining balance while developing sitting balance and there is only a little bit of energy left for play. This cute soft toys are designed as a comfortable toys for sitting and also for playing.


    Children are more likely to develop dynamic sitting balance when they can learn to shift their weight from one side to other side - forwards, backwards or sideways. Children will develop arm strength and learn to coordinate their shoulder muscles. For that reason children can hold Horse around neck and can enjoy sitting and swinging to put into an active sitting position.


    Alfred is very huggable softies, consisting of one piece of foam and high quality surface Antara used as a cover.  Surface is inprinted with hand-made design, so each piece is unique. Hidden zipper is placed on the bottom side thanks to which the cover part is removable and washable anytime you want. Designs on Alfred is hand-printed so colors and shape will remain after washing.

  • Specifications

    Material: hand printed textile, foam

    Dimensions: L 600mm x W 200mm x H 710mm

    Weight: 1,9 kg


    Made in Slovakia

    Photo by Tomas Chlapecka


    Production takes up to 3 weeks. Please contact us to get more accurate time of delivery. 

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